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Who Is Ortega Media?

Your go-to-source for creative artistry, web design, marketing, and much more!

A Blend of High Quality & Creativity!

Bringing your ideas to life, and launching your brand to the Next Level! Leader who takes pride in your success.

Cutting Edge Designs

& Branding!

Ortega Media has the key components to have explosive results! Combined with extraordinary strategies that will empower your business/organization. Contact us now, let’s chat!


Exclusive SEO & Marketing

SEO & Marketing custom tailored to your goals. The return of investment is both scalable and essential. We understand that quantifying your growth is important to the health of your business. With strategic steps designed to grow, build visibility, and increase potential leads to search you online.

Does this help me?

Business start ups. Small, medium, or large businesses who are looking to gain more traffic, build a bigger audience, and turn potential leads into closed deals.


Complete Web Design

Ortega Media Website Designs with a purpose! We always look for the best strategies tailored to your business needs. Our goal is simple: To provide the best of the best! Constantly engaged with our community. We are actively listing, advancing, and strategically staying ahead of technology! So, no matter how big or small your Website needs are we have you covered!

Grow Your Business | Modern Web Design

Beauty and highly performance Websites available at an affordable rate! Built to attract a larger volume of audience, visitors, and sales! You deserve a leader who will build you a strong online presence!


E-Commerce Online Store

We Specialize in Online Stores with explosive growth potential. We provide years of experience in the world of eCommerce. Billions of customers worldwide are available at your fingertips! Building eCommerce platforms to create a lasting impact for your business.

eCommerce | Increase ROI

Launching a new online store or giving your current store a new modern face lift! We would love to help! By combining critical market research and strategy so your business strives! And, we are here to help!


Advertising and Social Media

Advertising is valuable to your business growth! Our marketing team’s purpose is to create powerful ads across all platforms! And, establishing a strong online presence. It is time to change, and massively gain more customers and sales!

Enhancing Advertising | Massive Growth

It’s important to focus on converting visitors into customers. The ultimate goal is to increase your sales! We strategize, create, and launch powerful ads!

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